tax day

Beware of tax day scams
Today is tax day and at my house we’re checking the couch cushions to find extra cash to pay the IRS. In fact I came very close to putting my sons Albert and Lennon outside with a big pitcher of lemonade to sell but it’s not warm enough yet.
Every Day is Tax Day, Says NJ Lawmaker [AUDIO]
Tuesday was Tax Day, the deadline for filing income tax returns, but the top Republican in the state Assembly said every day is Tax Day in the high tax environment of New Jersey. He urged the legislature to get to work on a trio of tax-cutting bills.
Could NJ Sandy Victims Get Tax Relief?
Today is the deadline to submit your 2012 tax returns. A bipartisan group of congressmen is marking the day by renewing the call for tax relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, many of which are still rebuilding in the wake of the devastating storm.