smoking bans

Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Housing? [POLL]
Following the lead of places like Cape May which will fine you 2 grand for smoking on the beach, a possible law against smoking in your car if you have kids younger than 16 with you; a ban on smoking in parks in Jersey City, now comes a prohibition on public smoking in Fair Haven...
Should NJ Try to Get You to Stop Smoking? [POLL]
You may not be able to smoke in a lot of places in New Jersey, but at least the state is not going to stop you from kicking the habit. In fact New Jersey comes in dead last in spending state money on programs to help people kick the habit according to the American Cancer Society.
Smoking Bans in Public Parks [POLL]
By Jeff Deminski
Princeton is the latest New Jersey town poised to pass an ordinance banning smoking in public parks, playgrounds, and pools. While many of these bans in outdoor places have been enacted around the Garden State, this would be the first in Mercer County.

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