Slice of Jersey

Slice of Jersey – The Winner
So 10 weeks and 20 pounds later, here comes the hard part. Picking a winner. And even with making the choice, I know full well that the debate will continue. It always does. However, remember this, these were your selections. We chose the biggest vote getters and visited the top 10 as voted by you.
Slice of Jersey Results and Appearance Dates
New Jersey is known for our great beaches, boardwalks, Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Sinatra. What else is the Garden State famous for? Pizza, of course! Do you have a favorite pizzeria that you think has the best pizza? It's the ‘Slice of Jersey’ competition.
Slice of Jersey – Stop 6 – Maria Rosa in Flemington
Nestled deep in the heart of the undisturbed cow pastures and horse farms of Hunterdon County stands a culinary palace in the world of New Jersey pizza making! It’s no wonder they’ve been nominated to our Top 10 in the “Slice of New Jersey”…

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