Man attempts selfie during Spain’s running of the bulls
Every so often a selfie is "cute." You may even feel that there are certain moments where taking a selfie is deemed "necessary." Then there are other times like in this video where taking a selfie video is just plain stupid.
Check out this guy who thought it would be a brilliant i…
Schools Tackle Nude Selfies [POLL/AUDIO]
The amnesty period is over, and now criminal charges are possible for Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District students who failed to delete nude photos of classmates from their phones and social media pages.
Should Schools Allow Graduation Selfies? [POLL]
It seems as if the universities are trying to prevent their graduation ceremonies from becoming any longer than they already are.
Dennis and Judi were discussing some colleges and universities, including Bryant University, that have placed a ban on students taking selfies as they collect their diplom…

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