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NJ Gay Marriage Advocate Irked By Uncertainty
Unless the New Jersey Supreme Court grants the Christie Administration’s motion for a stay, the state will have to comply with Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson’s order that same-sex marriages should be permitted in the Garden State starting Oct. 21. Assemblyman Reed…
Same-Sex Marriage Questions Remain in New Jersey
One week ago, a judge denied the Christie Administration's motion to delay the start of same-sex marriage in New Jersey. The Administration appealed the same day, but if a stay isn't granted the state must start to allow gay couples to marry on Oct. 21. Exactly when the first marriage of a…
Same-Sex Marriages to Start Oct. 21 in NJ [POLL/AUDIO]
A judge on Thursday denied the Christie administration's motion to delay the start of same-sex marriage in New Jersey. The administration has appealed, but if a stay isn't granted, gay couples can apply for a marriage license starting Oct. 21, and in some cases get married.
NJ Gay Marriage Advocates Plot Next Moves
Late Friday afternoon, a Mercer County judge ruled that gay couples must be allowed to legally marry in the Garden State beginning Oct. 21. The Christie Administration has vowed to appeal the decision. Today, top Democrats in the State Senate are explaining what happens next.

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