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Why are NJ businesses headed south?
New Jersey has become unattractive to business owners, and southern states are picking up the slack. The evidence is a growing list of companies, closing their doors in New Jersey and headed elsewhere.
Cash-For-Gold Shops Face More Regulations [AUDIO]
With many folks desperate to get their hands on any extra money possible, cash-for-gold establishments have been popping up all over New Jersey. Under current state law, they are required to submit transaction records to law enforcement officials. However, some towns feel more rules are needed.
NJ Small Businesses Hope For Job-Creating Tax Break
The U.S. Senate is considering the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act of 2012 which would create an estimated one million new jobs across the country, including nearly 30,000 in New Jersey, according to a new independent report by the Regional Economic Models, Inc (REMI). The Senate yesterday vo…