millionaire's tax

Assembly GOP blasts Dems’ budget plan [AUDIO]
With Democrats in the state Assembly and Senate recently unveiling alternative budget proposals, both of which hike taxes on New Jersey's wealthiest residents, Assembly Republicans held a State House press conference Monday to blast those plans.
Assembly Dems propose millionaire’s tax [AUDIO]
Assembly Democrats unveiled an alternative budget on Thursday one day after Senate Democrats released theirs. While the two plans differ slightly, there is one common element: they both call for hiking taxes on the wealthy in New Jersey.
Time for a Millionaires Tax in NJ? [POLL]
Before you upchuck on your lunch (or whatever it is you’re eating right now), seeing an headline saying that “Unions and Advocacy Groups Endorse NJ Millionaires Tax”; unless things radically change between now and June 30th, the chances of that happ…

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