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MF Global President Agrees to 96% Pay Cut
The president and chief operating officer of failed broker MF Global Holdings Inc. has agreed to have his annual base salary of $1.5 million slashed 96 percent as he stays on to work on the company's Chapter 11 restructuring.
CEO Corzine Steps Down At MF Global
He set out to create a mini-Goldman Sachs. In the end, he built a mini-Lehman Brothers.  Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's resignation Friday from the securities firm he led capped a week of high drama and swift failure.
Corzine and Rutgers: A Striking Similarity
There's a striking similarity between the woes of former Governor Jon Corzine's big corporate bust and the Rutgers Football Program.  According to experts, Corzine bet the whole farm on one roll of the corporate dice and lost.  Rutgers bet their farm on a big time football pr…
MF Global Fails Under Jon Corzine
Once upon a time, when he was governor, Jon Corzine was feeling the barbs of political criticism and setback. As he sat next to me in our studio, he seemed unusually subdued and distracted. During a News and Commercial break,

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