Jersey's Favorite Hits

Remembering David Bowie, TVC 15 And More!
A great deal has been said and written about David Bowie in the past few days. We have been highlighting Bowie hits all weekend on New Jersey 101.5!
At this time, since it has all been said..I figured that it would be appropriate to republish what I wrote about David Bowie, here at NJ101...
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Franke & The Knockouts’
New Brunswick native Franke Previte, and his band "Franke & The Knockouts" scored several hits in the early 1980's...but he my be best known for the HUGE hits that he co-wrote for a movie soundtrack!
Franke played in several local bands, through his teen years.
Craig Allen says: ‘Meet Naked Eyes’
Naked Eyes is a synthesizer-centered pop band formed by two friends from Bath England, Pete Byrne on vocals, and Rob Fisher on keyboards. This, initially, short-lived band would create two of Jersey's Favorite Hits!

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