Jersey's Favorite Hits

Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Runaway”
"Runaway" was Bon Jovi's first early, in fact, that it was a hit before there really was a Bon Jovi!
Jon wrote it in 1980 or 1981 (I have found conflicting information) with early collaborator George Karak.
The original "Runaway" was recorde…
Craig Allen’s Fun Facts: “Barracuda”
As we give you Heart, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick passes on a "Free Ticket Weekend," I thought it would be fun to delve into the story behind the winning hit that I will play during the 6:00 hour!
"Heart" is the rock band formed in Seattle in 1973, around the talents…
Craig Allen’s ZZ Top Fun Facts: “Legs”
It's a "Free Ticket Weekend" here at New Jersey 101.5!
Keep listening to win tickets to see ZZ Top at the PNC Bank Arts Center on September 1st!
Now..a little bit about the band you are going to see!
"The Little Old Band From Texas" formed in Houston in 1969...
Craig Allen’s ZZ Top Fun Facts: “Tush”
On a "Free Ticket Weekend" from New Jersey 101.5...
ZZ Top is "the little old band from Texas."
It's made up of Billy Gibbons on vocals and guitar, Dusty Hill on vocals and bass, and Frank Beard on drums.
ZZ Top formed in Houston in 1969...

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