NJ Aims to Ban Internet Blackmail Scheme [AUDIO]
Innocent people are sometimes arrested, but if their mugshots or rap sheets are posted on websites before charges are dropped or they are acquitted, it can ruin their reputations. Some shady website operators know this, and are actually charging arrested people not to post the embarrassing informati…
Marijuana On Craigslist
I never bought anything or sold anything on Craigslist. I never got a babysitter through Craigslist. I never desperately sought out the woman that was at the other gas pump on the Turnpike 3 weeks prior by putting a Missed Connections post on Craigslist.
Find the Fountain of Youth on the Internet [PHOTOS]
Dennis had this email forwarded to him from a listener and thought it was cute so he wanted to pass it along to give you a laugh. While it has some political underlying tone to it, it's light-hearted and should give you a giggle. Besides, everything's true on the internet, right?

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