greenhouse gas emissions

World nations approve pact to fight climate change
A landmark climate accord was approved on Saturday requiring that more than 190 countries lower their greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement is seen as an important step in the global effort to stave off the harmful effects of climate change...
US Justices rap EPA, but uphold global warming rules
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court largely left intact Monday the Obama administration's only existing program to limit power plant and factory emissions of the gases blamed for global warming. But a divided court also rebuked environmental regulators for taking too much authority into their …
Obama Plan Might Help Boost Climate Talks
BEIJING (AP) -- President Barack Obama's proposal to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions might improve the chances of completing a global climate treaty but is unlikely to defuse demands by China, India and others for Americans to do more.
Obama Makes Public Health Pitch for Carbon Rules
WASHINGTON (AP) -- As governors, businesses and environmentalists brace for new limits on power plant pollution, President Barack Obama is casting his unprecedented effort to curb greenhouse gases as essential to protect the health and wellbeing of children.