GOP candidates

Most of Romney’s Top Fundraisers Remain Anonymous
Despite criticism of Fannie Mae by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, his campaign accepted nearly $280,000 in donations raised by a registered lobbyist who once represented the government mortgage giant and whose clients now include a private equity firm and the drug company Pfizer.
Romney’s Mountain of Wealth Could Cast Loud Echo
Mitt Romney's newly released tax returns represent an extraordinary accounting of the household finances and far-reaching corporate investments of one of the richest U.S. presidential candidates in generations, with an annual income that tops $20 million.
Obama Says Core Philosophy of GOP Candidates Identical
President Barack Obama says winning re-election depends on the core philosophy of voters who go to the polls.
In an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday, Obama says it doesn't matter who the Republicans nominate because the fundamental beliefs of the GOP candidates are …