Philly Guy at the Wooder Park [VIDEO]
It isn't hard to notice a Philadelphia accent.  Certain words are more noticeable than others, like "wooder" or water.  Check out the video below of a Philly guy telling his friend/son to get out of the wooder at a water park.
Dennis and Judi’s Producer Attempts Parkour [VIDEOS]
Dennis and Judi producer Scott Taylor  recently found out about Parkour, which is the physical discipline people use to move through their environment. It is usually done by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping.  Scott attempted to do Parkour in his neighborhood. Keep rea…
Dennis and Judi Discover Poedubicky [AUDIO]
In a story by NJ 101.5's Dino Flammia, a survey conducted by State Farm showed that the same amount of teens are texting while driving now as in 2010.  What made this story entertaining for Dennis and Judi was the fact that the Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic …
Do You Mind if I Squeeze Your Figs? [AUDIO]
What does Craigslist and fig squeezing have in common? If you heard the Dennis and Judi Show today you would know.  If you missed it, you definitely want to listen back to the beginning of Dennis and Judi's conversation on the air about Craigslist. Keep reading to listen to the audio.

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