How Solar Energy Helps the Military [ADVERTORIAL]
By Justin Puik
Our nation's military has the bravest men and women who step up to serve our country to the fullest extent of their ability. Coming from a military family, I know that these people are the same as any civilian. They care about how their child is doing in class, help friends when they a…
3 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy Debunked [SPONSORED]
Author - Justin Puik
Let’s face it,  the idea of a solar installation can be scary. You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to pay some huge amount of money to have people drill holes in my roof!” That’s fair. Any addition to your home should be well-thought out and researched, and we always w…
Why Solar Energy is Important to New Jersey [SPONSORED]
In 2013, it is essential to understand just how important solar energy is for our future, our environment and especially for our pockets. Getting the facts about increased electric rates and how these costs particularly affect New Jersey is a great start to understanding the significance of solar en…

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