Today in New Jersey’s First News:

A Sussex County cop is himself under arrest for exposing himself to young male drivers he would pull over for traffic stops in newton.  Prosecutors say veteran patrolman Jason Miller unzipped his pants to quote “satisfy his prurient interests,”  then would let the young men drive away without issuing a ticket.  In some cases, they say he let drunk drivers go.  He's been suspended without pay this morning.

Credit card data breaches seem to be a common occurrence these days, with major retailers getting hit one after another. You can never be too careful with your card, especially during this holiday shopping season.We talked about a great deal with the FBI Director, including the latest on terror organizations threatening New Jersey and the nation.  There is exclusive video posted this morning at

Parts of New York are expecting to measure the season's first big snowfall in feet, rather than inches. The national weather service says snow off the great lakes could pile more than two feet high around buffalo and north of Syracuse through Wednesday afternoon. Forecasters say sections of the New York State Thruway and interstate 81 may be nearly impossible to navigate with winds of 20 to 30 mph and gusts up to 45 mph.

A caseworker in a child welfare office in Camden was attacked and stabbed multiple times by a client, just days after the Christie administration pulled police officers from those offices.  29-year old Leah Coleman remains in critical condition this morning.  Two days ago, police officers assigned to the welfare offices were reassigned by the state to save money on overtime.

A nine-year-old girl who was shot in the chest by her 12-year old brother is improving this morning, now in stable condition.  Their mother pleaded not guilty to endangerment and weapons charges.  We also know this morning the gun the 12-year old got a hold of belonged to the mother's boyfriend. The gun was stolen in Alabama and brought to their Newark apartment.  Police are still searching for him.

3 million dollars worth of heroin in seized during a drug bust in Union County.

If you've signed up then you know the "no-call" list bars companies from pestering you with unwanted calls. One jersey lawmaker wants to end another intrusion into your life by creating the "no mail" list.

Was it police brutality or the justified subduing of a suspect?  Watch the video at and you decide.  The video shows half a dozen Brookdale Community College police officers wrestling with a male nursing student who repeatedly asks, "why am i being arrested."  they had apparently stopped Jay Michel to question him about an incident on campus but police and prosecutors aren't saying anything.

In Ferguson, Missouri, the National Guard is being mobilized to try and quell any unrest. A grand jury could decide any day whether to charge the white police officer who fatally shot a black suspect.  The shooting led to days of rioting and violence.  Since the shooting, a far different version of the shooting has emerged.  Read the latest at this morning.

A south Jersey couple is charged with stealing money from a girl's softball organization they helped run.  Daniel O'Hara and his wife Malissa are charged in Burlington County with spending more than 3600 of team money on personal expenses.

An Atlantic City man has lost a round in his fight to preserve his family home.  The casino reinvestment development authority wants to take the home through eminent domain in their bid to create a tourism district.  The home now sits in the shadow of the failed revel casino.

How important is it to you that you get caught up on your bills?  If you're like many Americans, it's a top priority according to new report by

 Catching up on bills is top priority for Americans /

Bottom dollar food stores are closing and being sold to Aldi. Now we hear hundreds of New Jersey employees will lose their jobs for the holidays.  The company confirmed 460-layoffs by the end of the year.

Governor Christie heads to Canada next month for the second international trip of his second term. Officially, the purpose is to promote economic ties with our neighbor, but as with everything else Christie does these days most people are viewing through the lense of presidential politics.

Comedian Tracy Morgan's lawsuit against Wal-Mart over a fatal auto accident in New Jersey last summer is headed to court. It's just a scheduling conference today. The judge could delay proceedings while the driver of the truck fights criminal charges in court.  Morgan was badly injured, a friend was killed and three others hurt.  Walmart has claimed their injuries were due in part to the victims not wearing their seatbelts.

Charles Manson is planning to get married. The 80-year-old man convicted of the notorious murders of seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, has gotten a marriage license. The bride-to-be is 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, who's spent the past nine years trying to exonerate him. No date has been set but a wedding coordinator has been assigned by the prison to handle the nuptials.

It's not cheap to get a four bedroom two bath house in New Jersey but it is no where near the most expensive in the nation.  New figures show while towns like Chatham, Bernards, Madison and West Windsor make the top 100 most expensive in the nation, they are nowhere near the top.  The average price in New Jersey in 440,000.

A new report finds better than 1 in 10 New Jersey residential mortgages are in trouble right now.

Being a firefighter is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world which means it's very important to be in good shape. It turns out a variety of these brave men and women are struggling to control their weight and losing the battle.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Sunny, windy, and becoming much colder. Wind chills in the teens. Temps 30-35

TONIGHT... Clear and very cold. Some wind chills in the single digits. Lows 16-22

TOMORROW... Sunny, breezy, and cold. Wind chills in the 20s. Highs 30-36

To view Dan’s extended 5-day forecast, click HERE.


Pick 3: 4-4-1

Straight pays $232. Box pays $77. Pair pays $23.

Pick 4: 4-8-5-5

Straight pays $3,085.50. Box pays $257.

Cash 5: 07-17-27-34-41

5 of 5 pays $0. 4 of 5 pays $525. 3 of 5 pays $15.

Pick 6: 13-18-26-28-40-44

There were no top prize winners in Monday night’s Pick 6 Lotto drawing, New Jersey Lottery officials said.

Five out of six paid $4,236 to 7 winners; four out of six paid $67 to 484 winners; three out of six paid $3 to 9,721 winners.

Thursday’s top prize estimate is $6.2 million annuity.

Here are the winning numbers selected Monday in the midday New Jersey State Lottery drawing:

Pick 3: 3-6-9

Straight pays $155.50. Box pays $25.50, Pair pays $15.50.

Pick 4: 7-6-1-3

Straight pays $2,977. Box pays $124.

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