An Ocean County high school is leading a major Superstorm Sandy relief effort this weekend.

Super Saturday Donation

The Central Regional High School is hosting a Super Saturday Donation Giveaway in Berkeley Township. Vice Principal Michele Ramsay says "we now want to open our doors to the community on Saturday December 8th from 8 a.m. until dusk at the Bayville First Aid Squad on Route 9 where volunteers are going to assist you in gathering clothing, non-perishable foods, cleaning products."

Ramsay says items have been donated by folks who live through out the eastern seaboard.

"Most of these donations are people that just said, 'I need to help' and people went on Facebook and they started some pages and said 'I'm going to do a collection for the Jersey Shore. That's where I grew up. That's where my memories were' and they rented trucks and they're coming.'"

Ramsay says some are coming from great distances to show their support.

"Friday afternoon, we're going to be receiving a truck from Fort Myers Florida. We have North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Upstate New York. It's amazing!"

Ramsay says their student population was impacted by the Superstorm because they're represent communities through out Ocean County including the barrier Islands.

Super Saturday Donation

"We have a large amount of students who are living with other families and maybe those families weren't displaced but they are now because they're taking in a lot of our students and they should come out and get support for that."

Student volunteers will be helping to distribute non-perishable food, new & used clothing, cleaning products, books and personal care items to giveaway to individuals and families.

The giveaway takes place at the Bayville First Aid building on Route 9 in Berkeley Township on Saturday December 8th from 8 a.m. until dusk. Ramsay says no qualifying i-d is needed. They're working on the honor system and will give supplies to anyone who needs it.