Tuesday's high temperatures reached as warm as 77 at Newark Liberty Airport.  That was the topper.

I had predicted low to mid 70s, so I was reasonably close yesterday.

Today, tomorrow and Friday will be more of the same - lots of sunshine.  Humidity today and tomorrow will remain low, but come up a bit by Friday.

Highs today just over 80, then lows around 40 in the coolest spots to the lower 60s in urban and coastal areas.

Highs on Thursday and Friday will be around 80 or so, though it'll probably cooler near the ocean.

Right now, there doesn't look like there is any threat of showers for the weekend, so most, if not all of it, looks okay.

We have Nadine, the latest tropical storm out in the far Atlantic Ocean, which is the 14th named storm of the season.  It may intensify into a hurricane in the days ahead, but will turn back to the northeast and east and leave no impact at all to the east coast.