Tuesday's high temperatures were at it again.

Not in most places where I said near 70 or so, but Newark Liberty Airport put up 76.  It somehow managed to do that.

Anyways, today, I'm covering for Newark's upper 70s with mid 70s for most of us with lots of sunshine, low humidity and cooler near the ocean with a wind off the water.

Mostly clear tonight with lows back in the 40s, but as mild as 58 to 62 along the south coast.

There may be some high clouds from the south coming overhead tomorrow.  We'll call it partly sunny Thursday in the 70s, but a bit cooler near the water.

And a partly to mostly sunny Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the 70s through the period.

We are watching a storm system offshore, but probably passing more than far enough east to keep its clouds and rain out of here.  There may be a gusty wind off the coastal waters, but hopefully that will be about it.