As I record this before daybreak on Monday morning, temperatures are in the teens and 20s.

It's going to be a cold day today, despite sunshine.  High temperatures this afternoon will probably be no better than the low 30s or so.

Then, we have clouds increasing quickly tonight.  It looks, as though, we'll have some snow developing toward daybreak.  That will be around through mid-morning, maybe by late morning to midday, it will be out of here.

We can expect anything from a coating to less than an inch in southern and coastal counties, to perhaps, 1-3 inches in parts of Central and North Jersey.  It's not impossible for somebody to wind up with 3 to 4 inches when all is said and done.

There may be a burst of some moderate to heavy snow for just an hour or two tomorrow morning. That will move out by late morning.  By the afternoon, we will be dry and clearing out.

High temperatures tomorrow will be no better than the 40s.  There will be some 30s in north and western counties.