You know, lately my forecasting of high temperatures has been a bit difficult.

I went for the upper 60s and low 70s yesterday. It reached 76 in Newark, 75 in Trenton, and somehow, Wrightstown managed to get to 79, so that was way out of whack in terms of my predictions.

It will be much cooler today with sunshine and patchy clouds, but the main story of today's weather is the wind.  It will be 20-35 MPH with higher gusts eventually by later this morning and during the afternoon.

Clear and chilly in the 30s tonight, but lower 40s or so near the ocean.

Sunny and still windy tomorrow, highs in the mid 60s with some luck by the afternoon.

Some sun and arriving clouds Friday with just the chance of an afternoon shower, but probably not. Friday's highs in the 60s, but cooler along the coast.

Most of the weekend looks okay, although the forecast models differ on Sunday.  One model has it fine, while another has clouds and, eventually, some showers. I'm not buying into that idea right now.

There is the risk of a brief shower or sprinkle Saturday, at some point, but just the chance of that.