Most Tuesday high temperatures were reached during the early morning hours or at daybreak, around 50 or 51.

Then temperatures fell, of course, into the 40s and 30s with some snow that fell.  It produced a coating in a few spots.  I know that in parts of Ocean County driving home yesterday that there was a little bit.

Today, there will be no such problems.  It will be sunny with a brisk wind with cold highs only around 40 or so.  Remember that the normal high should be 56 or 58, so we'll be way below normal today.

Clear and cold again tonight back in the 20s, though a few teens can't be ruled out in NW Jersey.  It will be in the lower 30s in urban and coastal areas.

Still sunny and milder tomorrow.  After a cold start, temps will reach the low to perhaps mid 50s by the afternoon.

Partly sunny for Friday with highs from 55 to maybe 60.

It may be in the low 60s for Saturday with some sun and arriving clouds, but it should be an okay day.

Sunday may have a shower chance, although I'm not sure how much of an impact it will have during the day.

We'll see about that in future reports.