My dad, toward the end of his life, was not in great shape physically.

Kidney failure and rampant diabetes caused him to lose a couple of toes, and while we didn’t hold out much hope, I remember telling him, jokingly, that maybe the best thing for him would have been to book a trip to Lourdes to the Shrine of the Blessed Mother and have a miracle performed.

Naturally, being the cynic that he was (his operative phrase was, “I’m from Ave. U! I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear!"), we knew that even if we did book a trip to Lourdes, it probably would have been in vain.

But what of those who claim that nothing ever worked for them until they visited a shrine of the Virgin, or of a favorite Saint.

We have such a shrine in our midst.

Hundreds gathered Wednesday night at the roadside shrine to St. Padre Pio, as they do every week.

Marie D’Andrea, who founded the shrine, travels to local hospitals with the relic, which she claims brings miracles.

Bonnie McCann, of Galloway Township, spoke to the group about her most recent experience with the relic. Her friend, a 47-year-old man, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was removed and he developed infections. McCann asked D’Andrea if they could bring the relic to the man.

The man was in Philadelphia, so D’Andrea let McCann take the relic herself.

McCann said she was extremely careful the entire time the relic was in her possession.
She said her friend was moved from intensive care to a regular room.

Ok, so maybe not necessarily the result of the intervention of the venerated Saint, but he had been known to perform miracles, and according to this:
could prophesy and “bilocate,” or appear in two places at once. He died in 1968 and was later made a saint.

The doubters, like my late dad, will probably say “baloney”!

But there are those occasions when something nearly impossible to explain do happen.

Miracle cures…miracle occurrences.