A perfect weekend and perfect forecast.

Actually, it was pretty easy for me to be able to do it without any problem.  That was certainly a pleasure to pass on to you.

We have some issues, though, as we head into the next several days.

First of all, we have an occasional area of showers and some thunderstorms all the way extending from Minnesota to the Northern Great Lakes into Upstate New York and New England.

That'll be sliding southbound gradually today.  It'll probably be dry through about lunch time and early afternoon, in most cases. But, later this afternoon and this evening, there'll be the risk of a shower or possibly some thunder.  High temperatures today will be in the low to middle 80s away from the ocean.

There will be the risk of some shower and thunderstorm activity, certainly some passing showers, for the night upcoming.

The risk of a shower or two, or maybe even a little bit more than that, is possible for Tuesday with highs in the 80s to possibly 90.

Wednesday looks a little bit unsettled.

But, as we head into the long Labor Day weekend, it looks pretty good as of right now.

More on that in future reports.