Many stock watchers are optimistic about 2012 as a year when the markets will make some positive moves.One stock analyst says if you think this year will put an end to market volatility, forget it. But he quickly adds, stocks are better equipped now to deal with roller coaster rides because there exists a greater degree of economic stability. Mercer County stock analyst Ken Kamen thinks the uncertain political climate will also see some clarity. He says as the election draws ever-nearer, we will be able to start making better predictions on what the market is going to be looking for from our elected leaders.

Kamen says with stocks as with many other things, all eyes will be on Washington. He says if there is not political clarity by the end of this year, some companies might begin spending in the second half of the year to take advantage of tax breaks before they expire with the year 2013.

Kamen says this year will probably see Europe's troubles fade from the headlines as European leaders come to grips with economic reality.