What's better for the environment- nearly 19,000 trees or a 90-acre solar farm? Environmental groups and Six Flags Great Adventure are arguing over this question in the face of the theme park's plans to build a solar facility next to the Pinelands Preserve.

The top of the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Six Flags said the facility would provide most of the park's energy, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 24 times what the undisturbed forest could remove on its own. The Jackson based company also pledged to plant 26,000 trees as part of its development project.

Environmental groups, however, say the park's buildings and approximately 100-acre parking lot would be a better spot for the solar farm. Cutting into new areas, they argue, will disrupt the ecosystem, and adding new trees won't make up for the temporary loss of mature ones.

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