High temperatures yesterday reached the low 80s; no higher than 83 in Atlantic City, and many places had nearly an inch of rain.

That was actually on the low side.  We had 6 to 8 inches of rain overnight last night and very early yesterday morning.

Today's temperatures will probably be into the low and middle 80s, humid again with a shower or thunderstorm possible.  It will be cooler at the beaches.

By the way, I did notice that some of the buoy reports off-shore, off the coast of Cape May County have 5 foot swells every 15 seconds.  That's more than yesterday, so the surf is going to start to build today and in the days ahead out of Leslie, which will eventually become a hurricane.

Tonight, any early evening showers end.

Then some partial clearing tomorrow and some sunshine, but rather humid.  Highs in the 80s, but cooler near the ocean.