You may remember the story of Lennon Baldwin of Morristown who was bullied by 3 youths; and later committed suicide.

One of the youths is seeking to have his house arrest order lifted by a judge who will be hearing the case against the kid in July.

The kid, through his lawyer, is saying he can’t work because anywhere he goes, he has to bring his mother along.

Sorry if your life’s on “hold” kiddo, but that’s the way it goes.

The report states:

Judge Michael Paul Wright, sitting in Morristown, set a tentative trial date of July 24 for the youth and another Morristown teenager who is accused of robbing Baldwin during an incident on March 9 at a parking garage in Morristown.

Public defender Patricia Kay is representing the youth who is accused of simple assault on Baldwin at the high school on March 6, and then conspiring with the other youth to rob him at the parking garage three days later.

Kay said her client has graduated from Morristown High and is now looking for a full-time job, but said “that’s difficult when he’s on house arrest” because he must always bring his mother with him.

(Boy, times sure are tough, aren’t they?)

However, Judge Wright pointed out that the youth is allowed to “have a job” while under house arrest. He added that permitting house arrest is a relatively lenient stance, pointing out that under the second-degree charge of conspiracy to commit robbery, the youth could face seven years’ incarceration and would normally be held while awaiting trail.

If given the choice between “house arrest” and “being held” while awaiting trial…I’d go with option “A”…take mommy wherever I had to go...and quit bitchin’!

What say you?