"Sell in May and go away." It's an old Wall Street axiom for stock market players. But one New Jersey expert say with all that's going on, it may not be a wise investment course.

Mercer County stock watcher Ken Kamen says the way it looks during this May, investors, especially those trying to build for retirement, would do a disservice to their portfolio by leaving the market for C-D's or savings accounts. Kamen says those investments will not generate the extra income stocks do for a retirement account.

He says anyone saving for retirement may find that it is impossible to time the market that way.

Kamen says the reality of it is that investors really need to be looking what he calls, "the broader picture." By that he means the economic landscape demonstrates the United States is doing much better and corporate earnings still continue to come in robust.

Kamen says May may not be the month. He suggests there may be a lot more market and economic uncertainty after the November Presidential elections.