Even if you weren’t playing close attention to the story over the weekend of the deal that freed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban prisoners held at Gitmo – you had to stop and say to yourself – 5 highly dangerous Taliban fighters in exchange for one American who allegedly deserted his post and was captured by the Taliban?

And what of that allegation that he left his post over his disillusionment of the war effort; and the possible illegal deal to assure his return?

There’s much about this story we don’t know, and have yet to find out, but this touches on a couple of things.

While we celebrate the return of the one American prisoner being held by Afghan forces, we let go 5 of the most dangerous Taliban fighters who most probably will be resuming their efforts to inflict terror on the United States and our allies.

Should the government have made that deal?

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel felt that Bergdhal’s health was the first priority, and that the administration didn’t have the required 30 days to get the approval of Congress before making the deal to free him.

However when the subject of court martialing Bergdhal for desertion was brought up, Hagel declined comment – saying it was more important Bergdhal get on his feet and get reunited with his family.

So a 5 for one deal (over whom there is debate over whether or not he's considered a POW), and the 5 are thought to be highly dangerous.

Plus we’re dealing with someone who allegedly left his post and was “captured.”

The return of a serviceman should always be greeted with joyous celebration – but this one leaves me with a bad feeling.

Do you agree with the deal to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal in exchange for 5 Taliban fighters?