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1) Was it an insult for some schools to have been open today despite the MLK holiday?

2) Pit Bulls from Asbury Park dog-fighting ring available for adoption…would you be willing to adopt one?

3) Have you, as a waiter or waitress, ever refused to any customers for any reason? And would you have served a table full of customers that were insulting another table with a child with Downs Syndrome? One waiter refused to serve customers who insulted a special-needs child.

4) Do you plan to be betting on the Super Bowl? Point Spread: 49ers Favored By 4.5 Points Over Ravens By Vegas Bookmakers.

5) AC is number 3 in gambling behind Pennsylvania and Las Vegas…is AC still a “go to” destination for you to gamble?

6) Do you feel that a gun buyback like State Senator Shirley Turner is calling for will reduce gun violence?

7) Governor Christie is critical of dune opponents…do you feel he should force oceanfront property owners into having dunes placed on beaches in front of their property?

8) Did you ever have wacky nicknames for anyone growing up in your neighborhood…..There was a recent bust of a bunch of wise guys that were all referred to by their nicknames.

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