With gas prices still well above $3-per-gallon in New Jersey, we might want to take another look at how to enhance your driving mileage.

Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

And when you factor in the colder weather, Tracy Noble of Triple-A/Mid-Atlantic says you may notice a one to two mile difference in your fuel efficiency.

She offered tips for drivers:

  • Driving with your head and not your foot.
  • Drive at an even pace where possible, and avoid sudden acceleration.
  • Don't charge down the road, barreling toward a certain red light, where you will sit longer, just burning gas.

"There's also some basic things that folks can do," Noble said.

Keep your tires properly inflated. Change the oil regularly and keep the vehicle tuned up and replace the air filter. Each of these ideas will make a small mileage improvement, but collectively the pennies will become dollars.