If your kids are about to graduate from college and they're looking for a job, or if you are seeking new employment opportunities, you may want to head over to Rutgers University tomorrow.

Richard White, Director of Career Services at Rutgers says the largest Collegiate Career day in the Garden state takes place at the Rutgers Student Center on the New Brunswick campus, starting at 9:30 a.m.

"We are expecting a turnout of about 175 employers, which is up from the previous year, and that's some good news in light of all the bad economic news that we seem to be working through," he says, "The great thing about this event, besides that number of employers representing a wide range of sectors, is this is open to the public. So if you're a recent college grad, if you're the parent of one, or a parent who is looking, it is open to any student or alumnus of any college or university."

White adds you can review the list of employers attending online.

"I would suggest choosing 10 to 15 that look interesting or promising, and don't limit yourself just to those household names.  We have a lot of companies that are mid-sized, maybe not that well known…you can review and see what they're looking for in terms of college majors and whether they're looking for a full-time candidate or an intern candidate."

He's also telling students who plan to attend the event to dress appropriately.

"What's different between this type of event and applying online," says White, "is you can apply in your pajamas or whatever if you're applying online, but this is an event that brings contact with human beings.  So,  it's important to dress appropriately.  That would be for the men, at least a sport coat and a tie and a long sleeve shirt and some slacks- or a suit.  And women should dress in business attire as well."

He adds, "There are opportunities out there, and if it's a beautiful day and you decide to go to the beach, well, that's not where the employers are going to be looking for talent.  This appears to be the best entry-level job market since 2008, so we're inviting everyone to attend."