The investigation continues in Camden County after three teachers at Triton High School in Runnemede were charged with engaging in sexual activity with three female students.

Triton teachers Nick Martinelli, Jeff Logandro & Dan Michielli (WCAU TV)

The principal and vice principal have also been charged with failing to report the situation to authorities.

Residents at local diner voiced displeasure, but not shock at the situation.

"It's crazy these days, they should know you can't get away with something like that," said one man, "It could happen anywhere in this day in age, it could happen anywhere - small town, big town, it don't matter."

"I think that's something that needs to be addressed," said another man shaking his head, "You got the same thing all over the country - you got these teachers who are messing with these young children and it's an epidemic and it's something that needs to be addressed and addressed harshly."

A woman standing nearby chimed.

"It just seems to be happening all over- people covering it up, but it's been happening and these people just got caught, that's all. The whole educational system disappoints me - teachers aren't responsible, educators aren't responsible, even the parents aren't responsible. They think the teachers are supposed to parent their children - it's supposed to be a circle where everyone works together- it's just not happening."

Another diner said, "It's just wrong, I don't know, they shouldn't be doing it…There's strange people out there all over - it doesn't matter whether you live in Runnemede, Philadelphia…It just seems like there's no boundaries anymore, for people in authority…It's just crazy."

A woman standing nearby added, "I'm disgusted that people have no values anymore - it's about family values…I think it makes me sick, I think they should be fired - that is so immoral…This day in age is bad enough with everything that's going on without the teachers being immoral."