A KKK chapter from North Carolina took credit for leaving fliers in front yards and sidewalks in Red Bank and Fair Haven on Martin Luther King Day.

The fliers were inside plastic sandwich bags and weighed down by rocks, according to Red Bank Green.  Volunteer firefighter David Cassidy told the news website seeing the fliers was a "rotten, rude awakening," while another woman said it "scares the hell of me."

Rufus Johnson, a media spokesman for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, told Red Bank Green his group put the fliers out as part of a national campaign. The fliers accuse King of using prostitutes and called him a "communist pervert."

Red Bank Police Chief Darren McConnell told the site that the fliers are legal, although if they were thrown from a car that may be a violation of a borough ordinance. He said the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office has been notified about the fliers.

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