Route 206 remains fully closed over Stony Brook in Princeton on Saturday. UPDATE: The road will remain closed Sunday as well, and may be closed into Monday.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation said it will continue to make repairs to "cracks and voids" that engineers discovered in the stone arches that support the bridge as they began a long-term replacement project this week.

"This is a major closure," New Jersey Fast Traffic's Bob Williams said, noting that despite being a two-lane road it's the main route through Hillsborough and Princeton heading toward Route 95 and the New Jersey Turnpike.

Princeton Police and the DOT expect the bridge to remain closed all day on Saturday and have marked the following detour:

  •  Route 206 southbound will make a right onto Georgetown Franklin Road/CR 518, a left  onto Hopewell Princeton Road and a right back onto Route 206 Southbound.
  • Route 206 northbound will make left onto Carter Road, a right onto Georgetown Franklin Road/CR 518, and a left back onto Route 206 northbound.

"Truckers should stick with Route 1 for now. The alternative roads are too narrow for tractor trailers," Williams said, echoing the DOT's advice.

Route 206 drivers have not had an easy week. Earlier this week traffic was alternating one direction at a time over the centuries-old stone bridge at Quaker Road when a parapet, or protective wall, collapsed on the southbound side near the Hun School and Jasna Plana Country Club.

The DOT said work on parapet replacement project will resume once the closure is removed.

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