We are feeling better about the economy these days. We are spending more, and plan to continue, to make it a Merry Christmas.

I, too, am ready to spend. I just don't know what to buy.

My kids are 11 and 14. In the past, it was easy. A list was written to Santa, and he provided all the gifts. Gotta love Santa!

As my kids have gotten older, however, I am increasingly at a loss. Clothes are still a no-no, and I'd buy the wrong things anyway. Video games are a possibility, but I'm trying to pry my kids away from the X-Box and get them outside.

My 14 year old is obsessed with his scooter and BMX bike, but I've not a clue what a "cool" accessory is.

My 11 year old is a total mystery.

Do you have any suggestions? Please leave your comments.