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1) Do you like the proposed changes being made to the Handicapped Permit Program that will now mandate that tag holders get recertified by their doctors every three years? And have you ever bagged anyone who you knew wasn’t handicapped parking in a handicapped spot?

2) 29 NJ Bars were Caught Serving Phony Top-Shelf Booze in something called “Operation Swill!” Have you ever been able to tell the difference between something that’s supposed to be top shelf from a cheaper brand?

3) Have you ever bought a knockoff and do you feel that buying them is stealing or is just taking advantage of a bargain?

4) Cops will be looking out for you to check if you have your seatbelts on – Do you feel it’s worth it to drive without it on and risk the ticket?

5) McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base Fireworks Display has been cancelled due to the sequestration – Is it a prudent move on the Government’s part, or could they have found something else to cut out of the budget ? [POLL]

6) Props to the Troops Today. Call us to give props to the brave members of your family who’ve either sacrificed their lives in service to this country, or are still serving overseas.

7) The Rossi iPod shuffle tonight at 10 for a shot for you to win tickets to the Sarcasm Comedy Club in Cherry Hill for any Saturday night show.

Filler: What are some of the Jersey locations you recognize from films and TV shows? And have you ever met any of the actors? One filmmaker wants to shut down 'Trenton Makes' bridge for film's ending scene with zombies!

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