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Hour of Ethnicity:

1) Is Asian Slur Directed at CVS Customer Worth $1 Million Lawsuit? – You be the Judge [POLL]

2) Should a teacher who assigned an essay to students persuading Nazis that Jews are Evil have been put on leave?
3) If a loved one suddenly passes, do you feel hospital personnel are being insensitive by asking for your loved one’s organs?

4) Does the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon make you skittish about going to other events? Rutgers race organizers will take extra precautions with the Unite Half Marathon this weekend?
5) In the wake of the accidental shooting of Toms River resident Brandon Holt, would you think it awkward asking your neighbor if they have unsecured weapons in their house?

6) Could you ever turn your kids into the cops? A father turns in his son with a drug problem who tried to sell him gold chain stolen from a Franklin store.
7) Would you vote yes in November to hike the minimum wage to 8.25 an hour and install automatic yearly increases?

8) What are some of the games you’ve played that could have gotten you either arrested or killed. The game, ‘Extreme kidnapping’ the latest thrill for adrenaline junkies.
9) Do you have any phobias. A New York man with a frog phobia wins $1.6 million from town after storm water drainage made his property perfect habitat for frogs. And an Ohio teacher sues school district charging her phobia against kids helped

10) A good question to ask Assemblyman John Cryan: Have you ever had someone stalk you? Hugh Jackman was attacked last weekend at gym with an electric razor by stalker who wants to marry him.
11) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inducts Public Enemy Tonight – Has Hip Hop Earned its Place in the Hall? [POLL]

12) Rossi Posse iPod shuffle for tickets to the Sarcasm Comedy club in Cherry Hill.
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