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Uniform Dress Code in New Jersey Public Schools – Great idea [POLL]

How Do You Feel about Schools Being Involved if Your Kid is Being Bullied?

Does the NJ Congressional Delegation Represent Your Feelings on What We Should Do about Syria?

A Child’s Death In West NY Prompts a Crackdown on Drivers Using Cellphones – Should Fines be Raised or Should the Laws Now on the Books be More Vigorously Enforced?

What Was the Most Dangerous Job You Ever Had? A Pizza Hut Driver Was Fatally Shot in Newark Over the Weekend.

The Movie Version of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Casting Choices – Are You Happy With Them? [POLL]

Are There Any Comedians Whose Act You Just Don’t Get – Dave Chappelle Heckled at a Show and Bugs Out.

What Is or Was Your Favorite Amusement Park Ride - Six Flags Great Adventure is Closing Rolling Thunder to Build the World’s Tallest “Drop Ride!”

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