Mitt Romney is trying to take the political offensive against President Barack Obama.

Romney, campaigning in Louisiana, today accused Obama of cronyism that -- quote -- "stinks." The Romney campaign contends that Obama's Energy Department has steered loans and grants to several companies connected to the president's political supporters.

An Obama campaign spokeswoman says the Energy Department decisions were "made without regard to political connections."

Meanwhile, an unfazed Obama needled his GOP rival for finally having a job-creation plan-- for people overseas.

At an Ohio event, the president cited an article in the publication Tax Notes suggesting Romney's tax proposals would encourage U.S. companies to create up to 800,000 jobs abroad.

At the same time, questions about Romney's tenure at Bain Capital show no signs of letting up, at least for the time being. Romney went on Fox News to complain that all Obama can do is attack him on Bain and other subjects rather than take useful steps to improve the economy.


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