A Trenton mother charged with child endangerment last month after she and her two sons were found living in a storage locker has been freed from prison.


Storage unit where Sheena Johnson was living with her children (Brian McCarthy)

The Times of Trenton reports 27-year-old Sheena Johnson was freed Saturday after community members joined forces to raise bail money, hoping to give her a chance to start her life anew.

“I just feel such an abundance of love,” Johnson told the Times inside The Big Easy, where she ate some fried chicken -- her first meal out from behind bars.

Johnson will stay at the Trenton Marriott this weekend and then move into housing provided by Trenton Behavioral Health on Monday reports the Times.

Authorities say Johnson had rented the unit at the storage facility in Ewing. Police found bags of clothing and other household items inside, along with a mattress and a backpack.

Officers initially checked the facility after Johnson was arrested for allegedly slashing her ex-boyfriend's tires and she told them her kids were waiting for a bus near a storage lot.

Johnson's sons, ages 5 and 10, remain in state custody and she is not allowed to see them.  Johnson has hopes of eventually creating a family situation for them. “I would build a house myself if I could get them back,” she said.

Photo courtesy Brian McCarthy, On Scene News

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