Who can call for the resignation of a powerful union chief, nickname himself "father of the decade," and survive a poorly-structured set...in just 90 minutes? Governor Chris Christie. Below are several clips from during and after Christie's town hall gathering in Westfield, his sixth of the year.

Just a few minutes into the governor's presentation, the blue backdrop behind him, along with a giant sign, almost crushed some folks who were in the "special seats." Christie made light of the situation, and the AP reports someone from the crowd shouted, "Check for Democrats!" (You can vaguely hear the comment at 0:11)

Here's a hint of bipartisanship. During a press conference that followed the town hall, Governor Christie praised Senate President Steve Sweeney for his efforts to stem the amount of taxpayer money going to public workers for unused sick days.

Gov. Christie is a Jets fan, but he admitted to "hanging" with the Giants for the past few days. Christie's sports rant was caused by the fact that the town hall's location was lined with astroturf. Also in this clip, Christie names himself "father of the decade."

Documents that were not meant to go public found their way to the Star-Ledger of Newark - questionnaires filled out by Christie's two Supreme Court nominees. Christie says the leak could very well be a criminal violation. He's also "naming names" on the Democratic side of the aisle - those who spoke to the press about the confidential information.

A recent audit found the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to be dysfunctional and in need of a top-to-bottom overhaul. Gov. Christie is asked if he is partially to blame for this scathing report, as he was the one who recommended Dave Samson(Chairman) and Bill Baroni(Deputy Executive Director) to the Authority.

The "Christie vs. NJEA" battle continues, as the Governor calls for the resignation of the union's executive director Vince Giordano.

During the audience Q&A portion of the town hall, a New Jersey resident expresses her concerns with a bill in the Senate that would require all public water supplies be fluoridated. Christie links the issue to NJ's mandated vaccines for children.