Yesterday, I was concerned that it wouldn't get much above the low 40s, and as I figured that it might, it did make the mid 40s after all.

Trenton was 44, 45 in Wrightstown. But, the normal high is 55 now, so we are a long ways off.

Today, we'll do 55 to, perhaps, 60, despite the fact that there's the chance of a few showers.  Those will be more likely this afternoon for the shore, earlier elsewhere.

It will be much cooler than that, though, near the ocean.

Any early evening showers will end, then just cloudy and on the mild side tonight with most lows in the 40s.

Some rain redevelops Saturday and becomes heavy, at times, by later in the day and at night.  Highs tomorrow from 45 to 55.

The storm system will slow down when it's nearby on Sunday.  So, some rain for a while, certainly in the morning.  It may taper off later with some luck. Statewide lows, with a brisk wind, 47 to 54.

The Mets Opening Day on Monday may have some leftover clouds and some damp weather to start.  But, it should dry out and improve with some sunshine returning for Monday afternoon.

Hopefully they win.