High temperatures yesterday got a little warmer than I expected.

I thought low 60s, but it got to the mid to upper 60s, as warm as 68 in Trenton-Mercer County Airport, 50s as expected along the beach and boardwalk.

Some rain will move in to parts of South Jersey this morning and move into southern and central counties later today, 65 to 70, but cooler along the ocean.  This is after some early fog to watch for.

Some rain overspreads the entire state tonight. It may not be until later tonight in North Jersey.  Lows in the 50s, a few 40s are possible in Northwest Jersey.

Some showers to start tomorrow may taper off in some places, especially in southern and coastal counties in the afternoon.

The weekend may have a few showers for Saturday afternoon.

Other than that, Saturday morning and all day Sunday look okay as of now.