The idea is to enhance pedestrian safety around train tracks in New Jersey.  NJ Transit has unveiled a new "Another Train Coming" rail safety device at Plauderville Station in Garfield.  The installation is part of an ongoing effort to ramp up rail safety across the state through recommendations from the NJ Safety at Railroad Crossings Leadership Oversight Committee.  Transportation Commissioner and NJ Transit Board Chairman James Simpson was on hand along with NJ Transit Executive Director James Weinstein.

"Ensuring the safety of NJ Transit customers and residents in the communities we serve requires a multifaceted approach, which is what the committee aims to achieve through its 'E-cubed' tactics, engineering, enforcement and education," said Simpson.  "While Plaudervlle Station's new technological warning system represents the engineering component, it will be supported by an array of other initiatives, including crossing enforcement by the NJ Transit Police Department and NJ Transit's continuous efforts to educate our school children through our successful Rail Safety Program."

"Another Train Coming" warning system was recently installed at the Outwater Lane grade crossing, adjacent to the Plauderville rail station.  The system consists of active signs in all four quadrants of the rail crossing, with an LED text message that reads, "DANGER, Another Train Coming," as well as an audio component that repeatedly sounds the same message.  The system is activated whenever two trains are in the immediate vicinity of the crossing.

"Thanks to the leadership of Commissioner Simpson, the system we are piloting at Outwater Lane, in concert with our other safety efforts, will ultimately save lives," said Weinstein.  "Together with NJDOT and the members of the oversight committee, we are delivering on our pledge to do everything possible to enhance pedestrian safety and prevent accidental deaths on the NJ Transit system."