JERSEY CITY (AP) — Damage to the Pulaski Skyway is worse than thought.

Floor beams are replaced as part of the Pulaski Skyway rehabilitation project (NJ DOT)

That means it will take longer and cost more to fix the 83-year-old span that links Jersey City and Newark.

Project manager Scott Thorn tells The Record construction workers discovered many sections of steel beams underneath the concrete roadway, exposed for the first the first time since 1932had rusted away. The damage was hidden until the roadway was removed.

"We’ve discovered a lot of deterioration on the floor beams, which we could not see in bi-annual inspections because this was a concrete-encased area,” Thorn said.

Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox says the damage will add an extra $14 million to the $1.8 billion project.

The project was scheduled to be finished by April 2016. Fox says the plan is to be finished later in 2016.


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