Another holy season, and yet another clash of ideas over whether belief in a Supreme Being is fantasy or reality.

Notice I put “Supreme Being” in caps is because I believe in the existence of – if not a person – a power beyond something which we have a difficult time comprehending.

Although many among us believe in a person – some, like Roman Catholics, believe in a Trinity – and on and on.

However, the group American Atheists, a national group with headquarters in Cranfordis looking to challenge that belief; and in doing so has launched a billboard campaign throughout the South to get “closet atheists” to make themselves known.

In response, one church in particular, Grace Church in Alma, Ark., raised money to post its own ad last week on the same digital billboard, according to the church's website. The church's billboard has this message: "Questions, Doubts, Curiosity? All welcome at Grace Church | Alma."

You may remember that the same atheist group sponsored a similarly worded billboard aimed at the thousands of travelers making their way into the Lincoln Tunnel.

While many may not necessarily believe in the Virgin Birth, the visit of the Three Wise Men, the belief that the Christ child was born on December 25th, etc.; some, like myself, take comfort in those beliefs – all the while acknowledging that they may not be historically accurate.
So then why the belief?

Simple – it gives us comfort. It gives me comfort, even though I don’t hold myself up to be an exemplary Catholic, to go to services most of the time – to join in communal praise of a Supreme Being – and mainly to feel that we’re not alone in what can be a very dark and cruel world.

And no, while I have a hard time explaining my reasoning for the following – I admit I do have a hard time accepting all the precepts the Church teaches – some of which I will not get into here.

However, the belief in God gives me comfort. You can call it “emotion” – call it “unreasonable” – call it “a business” – what have you.

And while wars have been fought over the various beliefs and many innocents killed – belief in an Almighty still gives me a moral compass, and a certain completeness to my existence.