Not everyone is going to be happy seeing their favorite artist in concert; so,should I really care what Glenn Beck has to say about Billy Joel – outside of the fact that he’s a big Billy Joel fan.

Not every artist hits the “home run” every time out.

Apparently the night Beck decided to see Billy Joel, he grounded out with men on base.
Beck’s biggest complaint?

He didn’t do any of his hits until 90 minutes into his show over at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

He posted on his Facebook account:

“Left billy Joel early. Disappointed.” “Was it the fact that he was 90 minutes in before he played one of his real hits?”

Some of the other complaints were that Joel “meandered and seemed to talk to the band more than the audience,” and there were “just too many fall down drunk people in a very tight row.”

He said, “I wished I were home with my wife and kids instead.” “There are too many demands on our time and things are way too expensive to stay for someone who, as good as he is, seems to be phoning it in.”

Personally, I never got the sense that Joel phoned it in. Not for a minute.

The one time I saw Billy Joel in concert was in Philly in the company of legendary Philadelphia morning “mayor” Don Cannon.

Joel was jumping from stage area to stage area – and there was no area he didn’t direct his attention to.
He even had one guy go up on stage and riff on AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell!”

Even during an appearance of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” – Joel was frenetic! One minute he’d be talking about his life – and then run over the piano and break into song.

And it might not have been one of his “hits” – just something he’d recently penned at the time.

But every artist has his (or her) moments.

Perhaps Billy was just a bit stretched to the limit. He’s been doing a record number of concerts at Madison Square Garden – so fatigue may be playing a factor.

And Beck’s taste might just be changing.

I guess the adage you’d see on album jackets is true – especially in Beck’s case.

“If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”