Here we go on a Friday.

We talk about yesterday's high temperatures; 73 in Atlantic City was the topper.  It was only 70 in Newark, 72 in Trenton.

We had a couple of light shower and surprise sprinkles near the coastline yesterday morning. That may happen again this morning in New Jersey. Otherwise, passing clouds and sunshine with highs today in the mid 70s, though a bit cooler near the ocean.

Clear to partly cloudy tonight with a few 50s, but 60s generally, and closer to 70 along the south coast.

I've upped the timing a bit of a shower or gusty thunderstorm at some point tomorrow afternoon or evening.  It could happen by early or mid afternoon in the areas near the Delaware River.  It'll be a little bit later in the day at the shore.  Low 80s tomorrow, but cooler again near the ocean.

It'll be spectacular Sunday with partly sunny skies, much cooler and less humidity.  Highs will be no better than the low 70s Sunday afternoon, but there may even be some 60s.

Nadine is still milling about in the far Eastern Atlantic.  We have another disturbance that's the east of Bermuda and moving westbound.  It'll do that for the next day or two before dissipating in the days ahead.

Have a nice weekend.